Cheap Makeup Organizers in Malaysia

8:09 AM

Hey there!

I went to Mr DIY in Aeon Bukit Raja recently and came across a pile of makeup organizers.

I was extremely excited to see this because most of the acrylic makeup organizers are sold at a price range of RM 45-100+ which is quite pricey. So this is quite a steal,considering the price range go as low as RM 5 and all of them are below RM 20.

I was tempted to get everything; but I had a limited budget (Christmas shopping for my friends) so I just picked up a lipstick holder which costed RM 5.50 only! :D

It's in good condition. And quite solid and heavy.
It can fit 9 lipsticks in it :)

Side view

Front view

 I love it! 

If you're looking for acrylic makeup organizers, you should definitely check out Mr DIY. They also have As Seen On TV products at a cheaper price. And I saw the Glam Caddy Rotating Makeup Holder being sold at RM 22-24 . It's one of my favorite places to shop because everything is affordable. 

Another place that sells relatively inexpensive (below RM 100) acrylic makeup organizers is Happy2U. I haven't bought from them before, but I think they're quite established. 

Have fun shopping! :)

Till next time! 

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    1. Thank you! :) Happy new year!

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    3. I will be doing it soon! :) Thank you!

  2. Hi there, do you know any other stores that sell this cheap makeup organizers in KL ?

  3. I've been to Mr. DIY in my area, KL but i haven't fine any makeup organizers :(

    1. Muji has reasonably priced ones (RM 40+?) and check out sellers on Carousell, some of them are selling this as well! :) You could ask someone to buy it for you if they live in the area.