Makeup Organizers in Muji, Malaysia.

8:14 PM

Hey there!

I have an award post lined up but I thought I'd post about this first because I haven't added photos and gifs yet. I went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday and found some makeup organizers (even brush holders) in Muji.

If you shop online often, you'll know that most places sell makeup organizers for more than RM100. The price range in Muji is less than RM100, I think, ranging from RM 30+ to RM 90+ depending on the size and type of makeup organizers. The brush holders are RM 11.

Muji outlets can be found in Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion, Mid Valley Megamall and Avenue K. If you're from another country, and you're interested to find this store, you can locate the nearest one with this website.

Till next time!

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. This is merely the opinion of a shopaholic hoping to help others on a tight budget who loves beauty products and storage. 

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  1. The prices you see are clearance price ;). Now it's back to normal price RM52.90 > RM129



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