Lazenda Jewellery Review

1:12 AM

Hey there! 

I've been wanting to buy a necklace with my Chinese surname (张) as a pendant on it for more than a year now. I actually used to have one, but I lost it on the first day of my university orientation last year when the chain broke without me realizing it. I've been looking for a replacement ever since, but I couldn't find any stores that sold Chinese symbol pendants so I decided to get one custom-made instead. 

I've bought custom-made jewelry before, about 2-3 years ago. One necklace from a seller on Carousell and another from an Instagram shop. <Brief comparison of all necklaces from different sellers will be written below> I decided to buy from Lazenda Malaysia this time because I kinda forgot who I bought the other necklaces from and this particular website had good reviews (and discounts). 

I made my order on the 25th of November 2016 and received it on the 14th of December 2016. It took a little over two weeks for it to be finished and sent. I didn't mind waiting because I read the delivery information beforehand and knew what to expect. The original price of the necklace was cut down to RM 98.00 from RM 168.00 and I used the Christmas promo code on their Facebook page to get it for RM 88.20. It also comes with free shipping. 

I didn't expect the pendant to be almost twice length of my other name pendants. I do wish that it was smaller, but I'll probably get used to it as it is eventually. 

Didn't expect it to come in a box like this.


"One of a kind pieces" by Lazenda.

A giftbag, small envelope and small box.

The gift bag. (Special edition packaging since I purchased it during the Christmas season)

They gave a free gift! 😍 
It's a white bracelet. Not exactly my style, but my mum would love this.

Small square envelope.

Inside: Jewelry caring instructions and "I'm sorry for the wait" message.

The design of the box is making me excited about Christmas.


What the pendant looks like..

Closeup of the pendant.

Compared to my other name necklaces, you can see that the cutting is better and it has a different shine. Personally, I think the Lazenda necklace has the best cutting, followed by "Maine" (which doesn't have any rough edges), then my Chinese name (which is a bit jagged, if you look at it closely)

Different chains too.

  • Item is very well-made.
  • Free gift. 
  • Excellent packaging.
  • Variety of material choices (Sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, gold).
  • Can return and request changes if not satisfied with final product.
  • Comes with instructions to keep the item in good condition.
  • Design preview.
  • Long waiting period for custom-made items (which is quite normal, tbh). 
  • Expensive.
Overall, I'm happy I purchased it and I think that it's worth it if you can splurge on it and if you really want it :) 

Till next time!

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