About Me

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Hey, I'm Maine Lyn.

I'm a Chinese Malaysian girl who loves writing and photography which lead me to blogging as it contains these elements :) 

I'm a Communications student in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus; majoring in broadcasting and minoring in journalism for my degree. (Currently pursuing my diploma as of 2015-2017)

I love dyeing my hair unnatural colors and getting piercings..much to the dismay of my not-so-conservative-yet-somewhat-they-are parents.

Basic Information:

Height: 5' 7 (approximately 171 cm)

Weight: 110-119 lbs (50-53 kg range)

Clothing size: 34 (EU) 8 (UK)

Skin Type: Combination-Oily

Skin Color: Light medium

Skin Undertone: Neutral

Skin Condition: Occasional breakouts.

Hair Type: Straight

Natural Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Very dark brown

Thank you for reading my blog! :) 


This Is Me

This Is Me