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Hey, I'm Maine Lyn.

I'm a Chinese Malaysian girl from a small-ish town, who is currently in her 20s and who has a million different interests.

I'm the sort of person who researches everything - to see if a website is trustworthy, if an activity is worth doing, if something is worth the price it costs and to hear about people's experiences to know if that would be something that I could do. 

And I'm sure that there's a couple of people out there who are just like me so I started this blog to share my experiences as well as information on events, activities, experiences, websites or things that people might want to know about. 

I'm a freelance photographer, videographer, writer and social media manager. As of 2018. I've started my degree in Communications, majoring in broadcasting and minoring in journalism.

Basic Information:

Height: 5' 5 (approximately 166 cm)

Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)

Clothing size: 34 (EU) 8 (UK)

Skin Type: Combination-Oily

Skin Color: Light medium

Skin Undertone: Neutral

Skin Condition: Occasional breakouts.

Hair Type: Straight

Natural Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Very dark brown

Thank you for reading my blog! :) 


This Is Me

This Is Me