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Hey there! :)

I'm Maine Lyn: a Chinese Malaysian who loves writing and photography. I'm currently a Communications student from Taylor's University, majoring in broadcasting and planning to minor in journalism. I created this blog in 2014 when I was seventeen to share my experiences with websites, places, products and services. 

I initially planned to write mostly about beauty-related products/services, but I realized (after three years), that I have interests besides beauty that I'd like to write about. So I decided to expand my focus and write about anything that I thought would be beneficial for people to know about.

Every review I write will be completely honest and based on my personal experience. 
[In the event that I do advertorials, I will tag it as such and also state it in the blog post.]

As a consumer myself, and being someone who relies on reviews of others to determine if a product or service is good, I want to be as honest and reliable as possible and not trick people into purchasing something that's horrible or doesn't work. That being said, experiences will differ, depending on the reliability of the company providing the service or selling the product.  

If you'd like to know more about me on a more personal level,  check out the About Me page or Blog.

Thanks for reading!

Updated on 17.10.2017

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