Dining Experience in Tangerine (Taylor's University)

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Hey there!

I recently dined in Tangerine Restaurant at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus and I figured I should write about it, since I've dined there three times already :)

Besides Tangerine, Taylor's University has Truffles, Thyme and Tarragon as their fine dining restaurants. (Temptation is more of a cafeteria) And yes, outsiders can dine here as well. 

(Thank you to my friends from Culinary Arts: Lai & Shu Wei for inviting me to their service classes! #bestshinebuddiesever #thispostisdedicatedtoyou)

For Your Information
Reservations have to be booked prior to dining. You can reserve a table (or more) at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts office which is located next to the Shine Award Centre on Level 2, if I'm not mistaken. Or ask any of your culinary arts friends to reserve it for you :) 

A meal which includes an appetizer, main course and desert (also, coffee or tea) costs RM 15 (not including 6% GST) for Taylor's staff and students. A mocktail will cost an additional RM 4. If you're not from Taylor's University, I think it wouldn't cost more than RM 20. 

First Experience:
I went with Nay and Eunice when my friends invited me to their service class.
I loved the atmosphere in Tangerine. They played some soothing music in the background and we felt so calm and relaxed. It was especially great since we were stressed out from having to deal with a pile of assignments at that time.

This is how they set the table.

Flower decorationsss.

Appetizer: Seafood Kerabu

A kerabu is essentially an Asian salad with onions, vegetables or fruits, seafood or meat.
I was surprised at how much I liked eating this. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate eating salads and raw vegetables. But I loved this. (I think I'm just not a fan of normal salad dressings) 

Nay said (and I agree) that it's very refreshing (it's cold). The taste is simple, but it's delicious.

Main course: Ayam percik with white rice and a side of vegetables and salad.

The flavor of the sauce (curry? idk) and chicken was intense. If you prefer a mild taste, this isn't for you. I loved it, however. It's not as strong as what you might find in the mamak, but it's strong enough and very Malaysian. 

Dessert: Top layer of jelly, with a middle layer of cream with jelly bits and a bottom layer of chocolate brownie cake.

They did tell me the name of the cake but I forgot what it was. Something layer...? This is the first dessert which I've eaten which is not almost 100% chocolate or coffee flavored, which I love. 

The cream layer is very light and it complements the brownie and jelly layer very well. So far, it's my favorite dessert from Tangerine. 

Mocktail: Sour and fizzy.

I liked this, but some may not because the taste is not for everyone.

You can choose to have coffee or tea after your dessert. 

I usually get tea with milk and sugar. It's lovely to be able to drink tea and relax while having a conversation with friends. The servers will come by occasionally to refill our water, ask if we need anything and to ask us if we liked the food. They're very polite...have to say that we felt a little awkward with the attention sometimes :P

Second Experience:

I didn't take a photo of the appetizer because the menu was essentially the same. They did reduce the amount of chili padi in the appetizer though.

Just Nay and I this time.

I had to take a photo of this. LOOK AT THAT DECORATION.

The main course is the same as above, only different in some ways. The chicken tasted more like Rendang this time. The first time, it was something like a mixture of Rendang and Kicap (or sweet sauce) chicken. It was still delicious.


They gave us a side of keropok.

Red velvet cake as the dessert.

The cake was delicious, but if you're like me, and you're very particular about the types of cakes that you do/don't like, the desserts will be a challenge for you because it will be a surprise every time.

Third Experience:


Close up.

Falafel with Arabic salad topped with feta cheese.

I ate most of it, except for the parts with cheese, cucumber and olives. It tasted great, but I still prefer the seafood one to this, heheh.
Braised lamb with Moroccan spices, accompanied with couscous, raisins, ladies' finger and roasted potatoes.

It wasn't as substantial as the ayam percik rice, but it was satisfying enough. The only thing I didn't like about it was accidentally eating spices and raisins ._. THEM POTATOES THO. I would eat an entire plate of just potatoes. The lamb was soft and tender and the sauce was delicious.

The dessert.... something lemony and creamy? This was the only thing I really disliked. I gave it to Nay after I forked out a small bite. Objectively, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't to my taste. 

I went with Nay, Nicky, Nelly, Wern Ni and Jun to eat, and everyone else seemed to like it except for me, so it's definitely just me with my "acquired taste" problems.

Mocktail (I think) is the same one as before.

Overall, I love dining in Tangerine. I'm planning to go to Truffles, Thyme or Tarragon too someday.

OH, BONUS: Temptation.

Meals here don't cost more than RM 10. 

Asian set: RM 5.50
Western set: RM 7.50
1Malaysia Corner: RM 5 

Only downside is the cafeteria fills up quickly cause everyone wants to eat there, so it's hard to find a place to sit. The meals are more for sustenance than it is for taste, so don't expect too much, HAHA.

Sweet and sour fish with white rice and a side of vegetables.

I also bought a fudge brownie for (around) RM 4.
It's chocolately goodness and it's (kinda) cheap :3

Anyway, till next time!

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